Bachelor programs

7 undergraduatemajors:including English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese as a Second Language, Translation and Business English.

In 2014, major of Chinese as a Second Language was given five-stars and ranked No. 10 in China.

German department ranked No. 8 in China, Translation and Interpreting department ranked No.18 in China

In 2017, 25.8% of the undergraduate studied further at domestic universities (both by recommendation and exam) while 13.68% of them went abroad.

Undergraduate program

MOOC Teams

MOOC Teams of English and American Literature led by professor Li Chengjian

MOOC Teams of International Chinese led by associate professor Wang Junqi

Undergraduate program

Prominent Students

Students from Dep. of French participated in interpreting practice

Students from Dep. of English won prizes in English Public Speaking Contest

In 2017, students from Dep. of Japanese won prizes in Japanese Public Speaking Contest

Students from Dep. of Translation and Interpreting worked as interpreters

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