Research Platforms

Research Platforms

American Studies Center,

In 2014, the school has become the home of American Studies Center, a provincial-level research platform. The fine academic traditions, accomplishments and advantages in disciplines and talents of the SWJTU prepare the settings for the Center. The Center carries out all-round interdisciplinary frontier researches of America, based on the integrated excellent resources within and outside the university and at home and abroad, and concentrates on studies of American language policies, Chinese language teaching, the relationship between China and American corporate culture and communication, literature and cultural interaction, and the fields of politics, economy, and diplomacy. It aims to expand its influence and that of the university in the domain of country specific research through cultivating talents, publishing journals and promoting the Sino-foreign cooperative ventures.

European Studies Center

The SWJTU-level virtual research platform -- European Studies Center was established in 2016. Based on Jean Monnet Programme, the Center sets up EU-related general courses for all the students at SWJTU. The programme provides various research orientations such as EU studies, Sino-EU relation, Germany studies, Sino-Germany relation, France studies, Sino-France relation, United Kingdom studies, Sino-Britain relationship. These researches focus on China/EU aid to Africa, with an aim to offer information reservation for government policy-making, civil service and civil institutions.

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