English Department of SWJTU

English Department

Southwest Jiaotong University is the first key university of science and engineering in Sichuan Province to include in its academies the English Department in 1985. The English Department started to award the Bachelor’s degree program in English Language and Literature in 1987. A Secondary Discipline Master Program in Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics was established in 1995. In 2011, the department was permitted to have the Primary Discipline Master Program in Foreign Languages and Literature subordinated by secondary disciplines of English Language and Literature, Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics and Master of Translation and Interpreting (MTI). Cooperating with the School of Art and Communication, the department offers a Primary Discipline Doctoral Program of Chinese Language and Literature, awarding Doctor’s degree in Medio-translatology. With over 30 years’ efforts, the English Department of SWJTU has formed a complete system covering B.A. programs, M.A. programs and Ph.D. programs.



Associate Professors








* Faculties of English Department all hold master degrees, 9 of whom are PhDs, including PhD candidates.

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