Six SWJTU Graduates Awarded in the Academic Forum

Six SWJTU Graduates Awarded in the Academic Forum

On November 10th, 2018, six graduates from Foreign Languages School of Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJTU), Luo Jie, Zhao Xin, Liu Fenglin, Huang Yirou, Chen Lin and Yan Yanghong, participated inthe fourth Foreign Language Study Academic Forum for Master’s and Doctoral Graduates from SichuanHigher Education Institutions (hereinafter “the Forum”) held in the Southwest Minzu University. In order to promoteleveraging mutual complementarity of advantageous foreign language education resources among higher education institutions in Sichuan province as well as to nourish more academic achievements in foreign language research, the Forum is intended to encourage academic innovation, enhance local teachers and students’ competences of academic research on foreign languages, and further explore graduates development and management mechanisms. At this event, renowned foreign and domestic experts of linguistic study were invited to deliver keynote speeches and preside over excellent papers exchanges and assessment.

At the opening ceremony, Professor Shi Jian from Sichuan University has addressed the keynote speech in regard with the theme “Academic Research and Philosophical Speculation: Theory and Method” and shared to audiences with his profound and enlightening insight of graduates’ necessary competences. After the talk, the Forum proceeded to reporting on academic papers by graduates from various universities and colleges. In this part, the beforementioned papers are highly appraised by the experts, who at the same time accordingly offered their opinions and advices for the writers.

Six graduates from the Foreign Languages Schools attending the Forum all won awards. Chen Lin,a graduate student of master of translation and interpreting (MTI) enrolled in 2017, was awarded the Special Prize for his paperThe Art of Deletion: The Compliance of Anna Holmwood’s Translation of Legends of the Condor Heroes with Translation Norms. Both Huang Yirou, a graduate student specializing in English Language and Literature, and Zhao Xin, a MTI graduate student, were granted with the First Prize respectively for their papers,Study on Origin of Guo Moruo’s Translation of John Millington Synge’s Drama OriginandThe Influence of Translator’s Habitus on the Translation Strategies. Also, Liu Fengling, a graduate student majoring in foreign linguistics and applied linguistics, and Yan Yanghong,a graduate student specializing in Translation Theory and Practice of English Language and Literature, won the Second Prize respectively for their works,Study on Influence of Critical Thinking on High School Student English Writing CompetenceandReproduction of Cultural Images in the English Translation of the Poetry about Immortals. And Luo Jie, a graduate student specializing in English Language and Literature, attained the Third Prize for the paperAnalysis of Nominalizations in Different Contexts Based on Corpus.

Having been well attainedand benefitedin this event, the six graduatesexpressed their appreciations for experts’ valuable suggestions which greatly spark and enlighten them in respect of academic research development. In the end, they showed their ambition to make further progress and toendeavor to be model graduates in the future.


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