SFL Graduate Students’ Faculty Advisors Met for Improvement

The School of Foreign Languages (SFL) held a meaningful forum for the graduate students’ faculty advisors ...

    The School of Foreign Languages (SFL) held a meaningful forum for the graduate students’ faculty advisors on Nov. 5. Prof. Yu Senlin, SFL deputy dean hosted the forum and introduced how the SFL postgraduate programs were going on this semester.
    Prof. Xia Weirong shared with the other teachers how to guide the postgraduates step by step to read academic literature when doing research, and how to help them find their specific research orientations in order to secure a smooth writing of the degree thesis. Prof. Wang Weimin, on the other hand, talked about how to improve the qualification and competitiveness of the faculty advisors to cater for the more academic, professional and multi-lingual postgraduates programs in SFL. SFL will enroll doctorate students in translatology from 2016 autumn, which requires the faculty advisors to be more cooperative and focused in their respective academic research.
    When it came to advising relationship, advisors from Departments of German, Japanese, English, and so on exchanged views on how to improve the students cultivation with the help of advisor groups, course groups and double-advisor model. It was agreed on that advisors should keep learning and improving their academic influence as well as teaching ability. In addition, foreign graduate students, due to their not so good Chinese ability, should be patiently helped in all aspects from courses selection to daily living.
    Dean Li Chengjian concluded the meeting, affirming the achievements SFL has made in graduate students cultivation. By pointing the present challenge of a decreasing need for graduates of English, Dean Li assured that SFL has taken adjustments in the performance evaluation system to target a higher quality in both teaching and research. Moreover, she analyzed the objectives for SFL in the thirteenth five-year plan, specifying the new requirements for graduate students cultivation. She finally encouraged the faculty advisors to coordinate their cultivation plans for the following program accreditation. According to her, SFL will surely give an all-round support to build healthy and productive advising relationships.

 Prof. Yu Senlin, Deputy Dean of SFL hosted the meeting

Prof. Xia Weirong

Prof. Wang Weimin
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