Professor Zoltán K?vecses Delivers A Successful Lecture

Professor Zoltán K?vecses Delivers A Successful Lecture

At 4: 00 PM Oct 17, 2018, Professor Zoltán K?vecses, an internationally renowned expert in cognitive linguistics, delivered a lecture entitled "Context in Metaphor Production" for the faculty and students from the School of Foreign Languages at X1405, Xipu Campus. The lecture was presided over by Professor Lü Changhong and attracted many teachers and graduate students.


The lecture is divided into five parts. First of all, Professor K?vecses expounded some basic concepts of metaphor production and communication, conceptual metaphor in particular, and gave detailed examples to demonstrate and explain the topic. Secondly, he went on to debate such concepts as referential scene and joint attention. He then discussed some commonly seen contextual factors contributing to metaphor production, e.g. knowledge relating to main components of discourse, context, ideology, social phenomenon, cultural phenomenon, history, body and conceptual system. Next, Professor K?vecses proposed four types of context, namely specific context, discursive context, context of conceptual cognition and body context, and then, from the perspective of micro context and macro context, explained contextual metaphor of conceptual metaphor. Finally, he drew the following three conclusions:

(1) many metaphors in discourse belong to context-induced ones;

(2) metaphorical context is not just in relation to language or specific phenomenon;

(3) cognition is inserted through multiple ways.

During the lecture, Professor K?vecses communicated with teachers and students and answered their questions. In the end, Professor Lü Changhong made a summary and expressed sincere gratitude to Professor K?vecses.

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